Fact #9, i break pretty much all rules of hospitality

So an update: I’ve just returned from a week and a half in Europe (I may start a travel blog soon- I’ll link you to that for more on the actual travel components). Having a friend who currently lives in Switzerland is great because I got to stay at her house and blow all my money on clothing and trains instead of lodging. But I don’t know man, I’m a really bad guest for a list of reasons…

1)I suck at cleaning up after myself- I have a bad habit of leaving glasses and mugs on whatever coffee table/shelf/desk/precarious stack of books is closest to where I was most recently binge watching Bob’s Burgers. To fully explain, you need to know…1)b.I have very messy hands and no matter how hard I try, my glasses always get really cloudy. And it’s gross. And I made my friend’s mother pick them up. I suck.

2)I break the Girl Code with my embarrassing crushes on friends’ brothers- shhh. Please do not tell. My friend and I literally wrote out a list of rules and the Brothers are Off-Limits rule was towards the top. I just have a thing for tall guys with weird senses of humor. I suck.

3)I…clog toilets- This is so embarrassing. I swear it’s a side effect of my medication. I swear. Gah, what the hell are you supposed to do when you can’t flush your host family’s toilet? Was I supposed to ask for a plunger? Gee, be a little more obvious. I couldn’t figure it out. Which lead to the aforementioned brother going to the same bathroom only minutes later, to my supreme dismay. I suck.

I don’t even know. I swear I’m the least mature 30-year-old-minded 18-year-old. Ugh.


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