Fact #13, i need to create things

Hi internet. I haven’t been active on my blog in over a year and that is not good. I’m not even sure what this post is, but I know I need to write it.

Things have been very messy recently. I haven’t been doing too well if you want to know the truth. I’ve been intending to write about it but I get overwhelmed every time I try because I’m worried I won’t get the words right.

I have made a friend (albeit through a slightly messy beginning because you know your girl falls in love with literally everyone) and he has suggested that I create something. I’m not sure what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go with this but I need to put something out there. I need to stop worrying about not being able create the perfect thing and just start creating something.

The conversation that I had with my friend reminded me of a video I had seen a while ago. It’s Ira Glass speaking on the creative process. I’ve just rewatched it. Please watch it for yourself, it is very important.

So I just want to ask you to please stand by me as I will likely make some embarrassing creations but I’ll get there eventually. I’m not going be too afraid to put things out there anymore. I’m going to write and sketch and capture things as they are and hopefully at least one person will want to stay on this journey with me.