Fact #8, I suck at publicly transporting

I am very sorry for my absence from the blogosphere, but life gets crazy sometimes. Also, I’m pretty sure only one person consistently reads my posts.

Anyway, in my absence I’ve been taking the train to and from NYC a lot because the Met and Grand Central are my happy places. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that has been on the LIRR that some people on the trains do not have any respectfor the commonpublic transportation etiquette.

The other day I was just kind of meandering through the city, and I didn’t realize I was running late for my train back home. So I sprinted to Penn Station and then I actually stopped at Sbarro and got pizza.Wow. Eventually I bolted down the stairs to the train and by then there were almost no seats left, so I had to sit across from this Baby Boomer couple.

You know how there’s always that elderly driver who screws up your drive to school/work because they can’t be bothered to follow road regulations?That’s what this couple was. Blatant disregard of the rules, because they earned the right with age.This couple, man. Pretty much every social/train rule was broken.

1)Extensive PDA including multiple sessions of borderline making out.
2)Grabbing at one another’s legs in a barf-worthy show of affection which in turn led to me not knowing which direction to point my legs in.
3)Playing iPhone videos very loudly
4)Playing videos of their son’s fucking circus show
5)Discussing said videos loud enough that I know this.

I guess I probably shouldn’t be agist, because my demographic of teenage girl is pretty judged too. The thing is though, I’d probably be just as uncomfortable with any other two people committing the aforementioned 5 crimes of etiquette. Regardless, dear reader, please pleaseage better than these two did.